Codelobster PHP Edition


A comprehensive and all-purpose integrated development environment


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CodeLobster is an integrated development environment (IDE) that, despite being mainly focused on creating PHP web projects, can also work as an all-purpose editor, capable of supporting many other programming languages and web standards.

The IDE lets you create projects based on the content managers that are mostly used currently: Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal; it also supports integration with other frameworks such as CakePHP, Codelgnite, or Symfony. In any of these cases it is possible to create a new project and set up the CMS through an assistant, with a local structure or through a remote server.

The environment works alternatively as editor, compiler, and even purifier, detecting PHP, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript syntax. For all of these, the program can use auto-fill, and list functions and arguments with the flexibility and adaptability of other, more specific and robust IDEs.

Besides, this IDE includes many more advanced features (only available on the professional version), such as direct connection and interaction with MySQL databases, a version control system, and a default formats validator, among other features.

Trial version works for 30 days.


The basic version is entirely free, but you'll need to get the plugins to use the frameworks and CMS that it supports separately.

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